[F21 jacket/H&M top/Urban scarf/vintage clutch]

Back in town. I had an great time in Paris; everything there tasted AMAZING, it felt like no one was ever in a rush and I can definitely appreciate that paying for the Metro is optional but I'm a NYC girl at heart. I like having 4am cabs and being able to buy things on Sundays, not to mention NYC nightlife kills in comparison to Paris but I'll definitely be back again. Here are some photos from my first night.


  1. that jacket looks great on you!
    and cool pics:)


  2. Great blog girl! You look incredibly chic! I hope you had a great trip to Paris! Wish I could visit that lovely place one day ..

  3. i can't wait to see the rest of your photos! one day i'll get a chance to go to paris. til then i shall live vicariously through other people's adventures...those glasses look amazing on you.